Water Coolers and Dispensers

Twin Palms Natural Spring Water can also provide your home or business with a modern and stylish cooler or water dispenser.

You can see a selection of our water cooler models above. Including 2 desktop coolers/dispensers and 3 floor-standing coolers. Our range of coolers can cover numerous environments including homes, offices, industrial workshops, garages, cafes, small rooms or benchtops and many more. Our coolers offer both an ambient-water and chilled-water outlets.


Premium Water Coolers

We stock the latest WaterWorks and AquaCooler premium water coolers and dispensers. We searched and searched to find coolers that are both feature-rich, modern, high quality and have a style to suit a range of environments.


delivery and maintenance included

Our rentals cost less than $15 per month and include continued maintenance and instant replacement if something goes wrong. We will deliver your cooler to your home or business and set it up for free, and make sure you’re ready to start enjoying great spring water.

The Cascade

The Cascade is a modern, square-styled cooler with smooth rounded corners and high-polymer coated steel for a soft but durable finish. The cooler features an ambient/room temperature and chilled water outlets. This model also features a simple push-flap instead of a tap-handle to start the flow of water, allowing for easy 1-handed operation of the cooler.

The Coolabah

The Coolabah offers a smooth, stainless steel rounded design. It features both Hot and Chilled water outlets providing the widest range of practicality. With the Coolabah you can now enjoy a hot tea with our fresh spring water during the winter and chilled pure spring water on the hot summer days.