Premium Water Coolers

We supply a range of premium water coolers to compliment our natural spring water. Available for home and office with either cold and ambient or hot and cold taps. We also can equip your water cooler or dispencer with a cup holder if required. Just ask about our range of Eco Smart plastic cups.

maintenance free rental

Our range of premium water coolers are perfect for your kitchen, showroom or workshop. They allow you simply enjoy our natural spring water without the hassle of breakdowns. If you experience any problem with your cooler our team will work to fix the problem or simply replace the cooler free of charge.

The Coolabah

The Coolabah offers unparalleled value in bottled ambient and cold spring water dispensers. The modern cooler is the perfect unit for family homes and offices all year round.

Annual rental $165 inc gst.

The Oasis

The Oasis offers the latest anti-fingerprint, stainless-steel design and is a great addition to your modern kitchen, spacious living room, office or showroom. The Oasis range offers a high-performance, and sleek design.

Annual rental $185 inc gst.

The HOT Oasis

The HOT Oasis offers the luxury of piping hot water for tea, coffee or soups on demand.  Equiped with child proof hot tap, The Oasis range offers the best features money can buy.

Annual rental  $220 inc gst.

The Cascade

The Cascade benchtop cooler offers stylish design with modern EZI FILL type taps. The new style of taps allow for single hand operation. Just push the tap with your glass for ice cold or ambient spring water. 

Annual rental $120 inc gst


The Well

Classic BLUE line ceramic dispencer, includes EZI spike attachment which allows effortless bottlle loading without cap removal. Lead free glaze. Does not include stand.

$49.50 inc gst


Eco Smart 200ml cups

Eco Smart CLEAR plastic cups are our bio degradable 200ml cup, 50 cups in sleave, 20 sleaves in box. Made in Australia.

Box of 1000 cups $44 inc gst 


The Coolabah U FILL - cold and ambient taps

Introducing the new U FILL range of “Bottleless” water coolers. Just fill the reservoir with tap or tank water and the advanced 6 stage filter purifies and enhances the water to a natural vital state.

Monthly Rental $33

The Oasis U FILL - cold and ambient taps

With a massive 20litre capacity the U FILL system is perfect for both home and office scenario. The filter contains activated carbon with silver ions, silex sands and natural mineralization stone maifan and tourmaline.

Monthly Rental $ 40

The HOT Oasis U FILL - cold and hot taps

each filter lasts 12 months or 3000 litres and removes chlorone arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, copper, mercury, selenium, nickel, thallium, antimony, and beryllium­­­­­­­– the harsh metals commonly found in tap water.

Monthly Rental $ 45